Planner Reporting for Power BI

Planner Reporting from Paradigm BI for project insights in the modern workforce.

Please Note: Planner Reporting is in review and has been withdrawn from AppSource

Microsoft Planner is an excellent task management App in a distributed workforce; however, monitoring activity and progress in Planner is difficult. Planner Reporting for PowerBI provides comprehensive overview reporting for Planner projects and teams.

Planner Reporting for Power BI is a cost effective multiplatform reporting system that allows for fast paced reporting on Planner projects. It has never been easier for managers and staff to access progress reports, track resources and manage people across multiple projects/plans in one easy to use place.

Power BI enables project insights to be shared across your organisation using bookmarks and alerts on the desktop and mobile devices.

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Planner Reporting

Planner reporting is simple to install and immediately delivers benefits of quick, no fuss project reporting for your Planner projects. Reports can be created using Power BI, Power BI Paginated or Excel. Preconfigured reports are available and can be tailored to your needs. For existing Power BI customers implementation costs are minimal. Connecting to the new Goals functionality enables a modern Scorecard across your projects.

Paradigm BI

Paradigm BI created the Planner Reporting for Power BI report. The Data Stage which extracts the Planner Data was also created by Paradigm BI. These reports and scripts are available free of charge so that you can setup Planner Reporting yourself if you so desire. Paradigm BI is here to add value by tailoring reports for you and helping you with setup. These are chargeable services; however, we do offer free advice within reason.


Planner Reporting for Power BI has two main components:

The App installs itself and you can try it out with dummy data.


Check the blog for latest updates. This is the latest on the Data Stage. Don't be afraid to call if you need help, use the Contact Page, or DM


Connect to Data

The connection uses the two parameters, pWorkspace and pDataflow to locate the flow. Authorization is oAuth. There is also a web connection for the adaptive card used for task tooltips that is anonymous.


Planner Reporting has been released at App Source